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Where to Tow Car After an Accident? | Robert Littlefield Buford III, Attorney at Law

Posted by | December 20, 2019 | Car Accident | No Comments
Tow truck after car accident

When you are involved in a car accident, your vehicle will get towed if it is in dire condition meaning it cannot move on its own. Knowing what happens during the towing process can make the entire process a lot easier.

An Austin Personal Injury Attorney will also be quite helpful if you are injured during the accident. However, you will have to mitigate the costs and hazards of towing by yourself.

Cost of Towing

Most people involved in a car accident will have no choice as it pertains to the towing of their vehicle. This particularly the case if your car cannot move and you are also unconscious or seriously injured.

In such a scenario, the police will tow the car to a nearby salvage yard without your consent. What is worse is that even so, you will still be liable for paying the bill when you recover.

The salvage yard will determine a daily storage fee until the day you come to pick up your vehicle. Sometimes the bill can be more than $1000.

When the person at fault for the accident is determined, they or their insurance company may be liable for paying your towing charges. If you were responsible, you pay the fees yourself and may also pay for any other vehicle that was towed as a result of the accident.

Being a member of an auto club such as the American Automobile Association more commonly known as AAA (Triple A) can help with such towing costs. Regardless, you should save all documents associated with the accident which also includes receipts of towing and storing your vehicle or else you will not be compensated by an insurance company.

Where to Tow Car After an Accident

Although the police are obligated to call a tow truck after an accident, you have the right to call one of your choice. Your insurance provider may be of significant help in this regard, especially if you have roadside assistance coverage as part of your policy.

Once the tow truck arrives, you can direct it to a location of your choosing which may save you money than if it were to be taken to a salvage yard. A mechanic with whom you have worked before is the best choice to get the damage assessed.

If you cannot pay the tow truck right away or you want it to be paid by your insurance company, ensure that you get their contact information. If your vehicle was towed while you were incapacitated, you should obtain the information from the police.

You should have your vehicle towed from the salvage yard as soon as possible due to the high daily fees. However, ensure an insurance company has assessed the damage before you do so (yours or the victim’s).

You can also have your vehicle to be towed to your home if you like. You can then have a mechanic who can come to your house to assess the damage or fix it from your property. Do not park it on your regular street parking space or risk getting towed by the authorities.

Getting your car towed is quite nerve-wracking. As stated earlier, you could use an attorney so that your rights are not violated in the process. Robert L. Buford is the best Austin personal injury attorney. Call him whenever you are involved in a car accident for the best legal advice in Texas.