The United States Constitution guarantees that every person accused of a crime has the right to an attorney for his defense. If you have been accused of a state or federal crime in Texas, our experienced defense attorneys are here to help. We promise to zealously advocate on your behalf and defend your rights in court. Make sure that any Criminal Defense Attorney that you hire is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

How a Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, a criminal defense attorney can help you through the criminal process. During pre-trial activities, a lawyer can be crucial during questioning by the police, check for insufficient evidence or improper procedures during the arrest, and advocate for you during arraignment and bail.
A defense attorney can also negotiate plea deals or take the case to trial in front of a judge or jury. A criminal defense attorney knows the law and what the best strategy should be for your case. Finally, if the trial does not go your way a lawyer can help you navigate through the appellate process.

Types of Crimes We Defend

Our office has a history of success defending clients against charges of criminal activity and can help you fight criminal charges, as well. We handle all types of criminal cases, including the following:

Large Scale Distribution of Marijuana

While it is legal in some states to grow and distribute marijuana, it is still illegal in the state of Texas. If the quantity is large enough, you could be facing serious prison time or federal charges. In addition, making hashish, collecting keef, or integrating marijuana into any other substance like brownies, oil, or the like can easily bump a simple charge for marijuana into second or first degree felony case.

If the state decides to charge you with the intent to deliver, it can enhance your crime to the next penalty level, and any property associated with the growing can be seized under the state’s forfeiture laws. This includes real estate, cars, cash, homes, and more.

Family Violence

Oftentimes, an arrest for family violence is simply a misunderstanding or based on rushed assumptions by the police. Many times, an assault never even occurred or a person was simply acting in self-defense. However, if you are arrested on suspicion of family violence you can have your gun license stripped and child custody modified or terminated. Additionally, an arrest may enhance other crimes to a felony level, and it can never come off of your criminal record.

Federal Cases

You can be charged with a federal criminal act if you break a federal law in Texas or commit a criminal act that takes place over a state or country border. These types of crimes can range from white-collar activity and fraud to illegal immigration activity and drug smuggling. You need an attorney with experience dealing with federal criminal charges and who knows how to advocate for you in the federal legal system.

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