After being arrested, you will need to get out of jail.  Since our firm practices primarily DWI defense, we have on-call attorneys available 24 hours a day to assist with DWI jail release.  This can usually be accomplished with a minimal fee, which can be applied as a down payment toward our total fees on the DWI case.  Once you are in jail, it is important to provide references to the pretrial services representatives at the jail when you are interviewed.  Failure to do this properly can create difficulty in your release.

In Travis County, when a magistrate is unavailable to set your DWI bond, and if you meet certain other requirements, an attorney may be able to secure your release from jail without a bond.  You and the attorney must then appear the next day to have a bond set and complete the appropriate paperwork.   A cash bond is also an opion, if you can afford it, as it’s basically free (assuming you can part with the money until the case is over).