Pedestrians face many dangers out on the roads, perhaps none more frightening than passing motor vehicles. Each year, hundreds of Austin residents are injured when they are struck by a moving vehicle operated by a careless or negligent driver. These victims end up incurring thousands of dollars in medical care, and many cannot return to work for months. This guide was created for everyday pedestrians in Austin as a resource they can turn to in order to stay safe. It was also written so that pedestrian-auto accident victims and their families can learn more about the types of injuries and death associated with these catastrophic events, including how to hire an Austin pedestrian accident attorney.

Guide Contents

  1. Common Injuries Resulting from a Pedestrian Accident
  2. What Families Should Know When Their Loved One Is Hospitalized after a Pedestrian Accident
  3. How to Prove Fault in a Hit and Run Pedestrian Accident
  4. Life and Death Decisions Families Face after a Pedestrian Accident
  5. Hiring a Lawyer and the Legal Process for Austin Pedestrian Accidents

Why Pedestrian Accidents Occur

Motorists crash into pedestrians for all sorts of reasons. In many cases, the motorist is to blame for not driving with sufficient care or for lacking any concern for the safety of pedestrians. For example, a motorist might:

In other situations, pedestrians can contribute to their own injuries by shooting out into the crosswalk when they don’t have the right of way or even jaywalking. Being careless as a pedestrian does not excuse a driver who has also been too risky, but it can limit a victim’s right to receive full compensation.

How to Minimize Pedestrian Injuries in Austin

Motorists can do their part to reduce the number of pedestrian accidents by fully complying with the rules of the road. This means always yielding the right of way to pedestrians and exhibiting extra caution when approaching and passing through intersection.

However, the burden usually falls on pedestrians to ensure their own safety. In a collision between a sedan and a pedestrian, the pedestrian will suffer the worst injuries, so they have more incentive to minimize accidents. Remember the following:

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