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What are the Signs of Family Violence?

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Family Violence

Crimes involving family violence are a serious issue in the state of Texas that are aggressively investigated and prosecuted by authorities. When police respond to a call involving family violence, they often have to make spur of the moment determinations about whom, if anyone, to arrest. Unfortunately, this often results in innocent parties being arrested or prosecuted for crimes they did not commit. When this occurs, it is critical for people that have been accused of family violence to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to protect their legal rights.

Family Violence can be Prevented

While, as criminal defense lawyers, we generally work with people who have already been accused of family violence, as members of the community we believe that it is best to prevent family violence before it starts. In addition, it is important to help people that are the victims of family violence and who not have the resources or ability to report it to authorities. As a result, it is important for everyone to be on the lookout for signs of family violence and to offer assistance to those who need it. Some of the more common signs of family violence include the following:

    • Frequent injuries that are explained away as “accidents”;
    • Regular absences from work or school;
    • Attempts to hide injuries using clothing or accessories;
    • Fear and anxiety;
    • Lack of access to financial resources;
    • Bruises and other soft-tissue injuries;
    • Constant reporting to a partner regarding where a person is and what he or she is doing; and
    • Low self-esteem.

When family violence does occur, it is often unclear as to which person was the aggressor in a particular situation. Even if violence did occur, it may have been legally justified as self-defense. For this reason, anyone accused of family violence should contact a lawyer immediately.

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Allegations of family violence are serious issue and can have a substantial impact on a person’s life. Fortunately, an attorney can often effectively mitigate the consequences that people who are accused of violence against family members are facing and may even be able to have the case completely dismissed. To schedule a consultation with one of our Austin criminal defense lawyers, call The Law Office Of Robert L. Buford today at 512-476-4444.