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Raising the Bar - Robert Littlefield Buford III, Attorney at Law

Posted by | August 09, 2017 | DWI | No Comments

As an Austin DWI attorney, I have defended several people who have been served a DWI charge. DWIs in Austin are serious business and can lead to problems for everyone involved, especially if the DWI resulted in an accident. While I don’t condone drinking and driving, there is nothing wrong with throwing a few back – as long as you are doing it responsibly and make good decisions when it comes to getting home. Austin is well-known for its clubs and fun bars, and you should be able to enjoy them. See my recommendations for the best bars around the city, and remember everyone: be smart before getting in your car.

1. Bar Inception

Within the walls of a bar called the Clive Bar lies another small bar called Bar Illegal (despite its name, it is actually legitimate). It is disguised as an inside shed that few pay attention to, but it serves drinks specifically from southern Mexico. If you are lucky enough to grab a drink inside Bar Illegal, you will certainly feel like your drinking experience is a dream within a dream.

2. The Bar-thel

On a street in downtown Austin that many few as disreputable is situated another bar called the Midnight Cowboy. What was once a brothel during prohibition is now a small luxury bar that only serves 8 people at a time due to its small size. Unlike other bars, you have to make a reservation as a group to get in.

3. Bar with an Ego

The bar Ego actually doesn’t have much of one. The place is really a dive, and it is really great. It boasts everything from no windows to graffiti all over the bathroom stalls, but the best parts are their cheap drinks and awesome karaoke. After enough drinks, everyone will think you’re Eric Clapton, but don’t let that give you too big of an ego.

4. Aged Bar

The Lulu’s Christmas Bar isn’t famous for their aged wines, just the fact that really old people go there to drink. What’s so great about that? I don’t know, but if drinking with your parents isn’t your scene, think about hitting up The Roosevelt Room instead. There they try and teach kids in their 20s how to actually appreciate good alcohol so they will be ready to drink with the old timers at Lulu’s.

5. The Handle-Bar

If you want to feel like a kid again, this hipster-inspired bar is probably your best bet. While enjoying all of your drinks, you can also play on their adult jungle gym, get into some adult Jenga, or ride their seesaw. They really take “Keep Austin weird” seriously.

6. Get a Mugshot Bar

We don’t want you to get arrested for anything, but if you want some good drinks and a picture to remind you of how sloshed you were, the Mugshot bar has a famous photo booth that accepts credit cards. Just make sure Mugshot doesn’t turn into another mugshot.

Austin DWI Attorney

I don’t want to see you in my office after you’ve been arrested for drinking and driving after bar hopping, but if you do end up in trouble, you need a good attorney. Call me, Robert Littlefield Buford III, Attorney at Law, to get the best legal representation for your DWI in Austin.