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Pedestrian Accident Statistics - Robert Littlefield Buford III, Attorney at Law

Posted by | February 20, 2020 | Pedestiran Accident | No Comments
Pedestrian Accident Statistics

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) 2016 report, at least 5,987 pedestrians were killed in the US. This means that one person can have a crash-related accident every 1.5 hours. Also, at least 129,000 pedestrians sustained personal injuries in 2015. That person behind the wheel who causes the accident or gets hit by a car could be anyone. It is essential to learn about pedestrian accident statistics in creating awareness to help reduce road carnage.

Number of Vehicles Involved Vs. Severity of Injuries

The type of vehicle involved in a pedestrian accident greatly determines the impact of injuries. It gets worse when more than one vehicle is involved. In 2013, 92% of pedestrians who died from car crashes involved a single vehicle, while the rest of the 8% came as a result of multi-vehicle collisions. Passenger vehicles such as SUVs, pickup trucks and vans accounted for the majority of front impact collisions resulting in pedestrian(s) death.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol plays a significant role in pedestrian accidents. About 49% of the fatal accidents were as a result of alcohol use, either by the driver or pedestrian.

Urban Vs. Rural areas

Urban areas account for 73% of pedestrian accidents, while 27% occur in rural areas. It could be because more vehicles and pedestrians are using the road in urban areas.

Time When the Accidents Take Place

Most accidents where pedestrian fatalities are reported to happen during the night hours. Pedestrian accidents also differ with the time of the year. It explains why more people are likely to be killed during the summer holidays as compared to during the winter.

What can You do to Increase Pedestrian Safety?

It is common to see or hear about accidents involving jaywalkers. To prevent this from happening, engineering measures that separate vehicles from pedestrians should be considered. It would be absurd for a pedestrian to cross a highway through an intersection while ignoring the sidewalks, refuge islands, and footbridges.

Motorists, on the other hand, should drive with caution even when they are in compromised situations. Observing the recommended traffic speed can also help reduce the number and severity of accidents on the road. For instance, if you were driving at high speed then hit a pedestrian, there is a high chance of them dying on the spot.

Discover the Statistics Through Our Lawyer

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