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What to Do In Case of Pedestrian Car Accident Injuries | Robert Littlefield Buford III, Attorney at Law

Posted by | December 23, 2019 | Pedestiran Accident | No Comments

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that there were 6,283 pedestrian accident deaths in 2018. With the CDC (Center for Disease Control) stating that a pedestrian is killed in an accident every two hours, it is vividly apparent how devastating pedestrian car accident injuries are.

A car does not have to be speeding to cause serious injuries if it hits a pedestrian. 10 miles an hour is enough to cause an injury.

If you are a pedestrian involved in a car accident, Austin Personal Injury Attorney will be of significant assistance. Receiving an appropriate settlement due to your injuries may be the most vital element of your recovery process.

What to Do Immediately After the Accident

It is crucial to remain calm if you are the pedestrian or the driver in a pedestrian car accident. You should ensure you do the following immediately after the accident:

“Safety First!” is a timeless saying and it applies in pedestrian car accidents. Get any injured person to safety and administer first aid if necessary.

The next step should be to contact emergency responders. Ensure to be truthful and detailed about what happened when they get to the scene of the accident even if you are at fault.

If possible, exchange contact information with those not incapacitated in the crash. It will be easier to receive compensation if they have insurance in this regard.

Common Injuries in Pedestrian Car Accidents

When a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, their can injuries can be very extensive. Any part of the body is at risk of injury in such a collision.

Many factors will determine the extent of the pedestrian’s injuries such as the make of the vehicle, the speed at which it was moving and the pedestrian’s health. Common injuries in pedestrian car accidents include:

Head injuries: Whenever the head is hit with significant force in a collision, it is a very solemn matter. Head trauma injuries must be treated with substantial care no matter how minute.

Internal injuries are also prevalent in pedestrian car accidents. Such injuries can include internal bleeding as a result of perforation of blood vessels, fractured bones and ruptured organs. Broken bones are also very common in pedestrian car accidents as they bear the majority of the forceful trauma. 

Pelvic Injuries: The design of most cars make pelvic injuries very common as that is the most common point of collision in pedestrian car accident injuries. There are several types of pelvic injuries all of which have significant repercussions.

Spinal Cord Damage: A spinal cord injury is often life-threatening or life-altering at the very least. The most important connection between your brain and your body cannot afford even the slightest of damage.

Lacerations: A dep cut or tear in your skin is common during pedestrian car accidents especially due to broken glass. The extent and location of a laceration will determine what type it is.

Pedestrian car accidents are particularly dangerous because when a pedestrian is hit, they can hit the ground, a stationary object or another oncoming vehicle. The severity of pedestrian car accident injuries increases with the force of the collision.

If you are involved in a pedestrian car accident in Austin, call Robert Buford, the best personal injury attorney in the state, as soon as possible. He has tremendous experience dealing with personal injury cases and will help you receive the compensation you deserve.