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5 Ways to Help Reduce Family Violence in Your Community

Posted by | March 21, 2016 | Uncategorized | No Comments
Family Violence

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), approximately one-third of women are victims of family violence. Family violence also regularly affects children and men and can cause serious harm. In addition, those accused of family violence can face serious criminal charges and potentially harsh consequences if they are convicted. It is important for communities to work together to reduce family violence and the following are five ways in which your community may start to make a difference.

Be Aware Of The Signs — In order to recognize family violence, you must be familiar with the signs, which can differ from one household to another. Signs go well beyond visible injuries and can include withdrawal and isolation of the victim, controlling behavior of the abuser, and more.

Use Technology For Community Support — There are many safety apps for your smartphone that allow you to send an alert if violence is occurring. If you believe someone is a victim and they do not have a smartphone, see if your community can pool resources to ensure they can get the technology they need for assistance.

Call the Police — If you suspect that family violence is occurring in your neighborhood or if you witness an incident, you should not hesitate to call the authorities. Intervening yourself can be a tricky and even dangerous situation, however, calling the police may help keep someone safe.

Check In — If you suspect that a friend, relative, or neighbor is suffering from family violence, make sure to regularly call or meet with that person to see if they are alright. Even if you do not directly address the topic of family violence, simply knowing you are there for support may make them more willing to reach out if they need help.

Spread Education — Because family violence often happens behind closed doors, many people are not aware of the magnitude of the problem. Educating your community about family violence can not only reduce the number of abusers but may help to provide support and assistance to victims.

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