Pedestrian collisions with motor vehicles lead to many devastating injuries, including brain injuries, spinal cord damage, and permanent disfigurement. If a loved one has been injured in a pedestrian accident, then you might have many difficult decisions ahead of you. In this article, an Austin pedestrian accident attorney highlights some of the more common ones.

Finding a Medical Provider

If you have health insurance and a doctor, then you can get treatment from him or her. Ask your doctor for a referral if you need the help of a specialist. Many health insurance companies won’t pay out benefits if you were injured in a car accident unless you file a claim with the driver’s insurer first. Make sure to check whether this is a requirement.

Problems sometimes arise when an injured pedestrian doesn’t have insurance. Although you are legally entitled to compensation if you were not at fault for the accident, the fact is that you will need to wait a few months. However, you need care now.

Finding a doctor to treat you when you have no insurance could be complicated. Explain you were in an accident and discuss your options with a doctor.

Ending Medical Care for Critically Ill Patients

If your loved one entered into a coma after a collision, then you need to consider how long to provide medical care. Some badly injured pedestrians suffer terminal brain damage, meaning they will never get better. Having a discussion with a doctor about when to end care is difficult for all involved. Try to include all members of the family who you think want to have a voice in the decision.

Paying Bills

In addition to medical expenses, accident victims also have other monthly bills they need to pay. If they are too badly injured to work, then this can be especially stressful. You might be afraid of not being able to pay your mortgage and losing your home. You might also be unable to afford your child’s educational expenses or court-ordered payments for child support or spousal support. Talk with a lawyer about how you should proceed.

Handling a Disability

Not everyone who survives a car accident bounces back to their old self. Instead, many pedestrians will struggle with life-long injuries, such as brain damage or a spinal cord injury. Other victims could suffer bad burns or disfiguring scars on visible parts of their body, such as their face. These permanent injuries take an emotional toll on not only the victim but on the victim’s family.

Fortunately, support is available. Many victims and family members benefit from counseling or local support groups where they can meet with others going through similar challenges.

Legal Help is Available

Pedestrian accidents are some of the most challenging for victims to recover from. Robert Littlefield Buford III, Attorney at Law, is an Austin pedestrian accident attorney who has helped many people like you get the compensation you need to cover your expenses. He focuses on the entire person.

For more information, please contact him for more information.