Our bodies have not yet evolved to cope with some of the dangers of the modern world such as car crashes. An injury of some sort is assured whenever you are involved in a car accident. Depending on the nature and type of accident, bodily injuries can range from small scratches to permanent life-changing injuries.

No matter how carefully you or other drivers on the road are, car accidents are bound to happen. A good lawyer like Robert Littlefield Buford III will certainly help you take care of the aftermath of a car accident. However, you should be more concerned about what a car accident does to your health rather than your bank account.

What Are the Head Injuries That Can Result from a Car Crash?

Modern car design has been improved in order to absorb most of the energy resulting from car crashes. However, in a car accident, your body will absorb some of the energy which can lead to significant pain and injury.

The following are the types of injuries you can sustain from a car accident:

Head Trauma

Head injuries are very common during car accidents. The injury is usually as a result of the head moving forward with the speed of the car when the car suddenly stops on impact. The force to the head is tremendous and causes serious damage.


Whiplash occurs when you are hot from behind and your head is suddenly jolted forward and backward. Your neck muscles are subjected to quick, strong contractions in opposite directions which can severely damage them and even the spine.

What Kind of Trauma Does Your Body Experience During a Car Accident?


A fracture of the pelvis is one of the most devastating results of a car crash. You will need surgery and extensive rehabilitation to recover from such an injury.

Injured Limbs

Your arms and legs usually fling wildly during an accident. Furthermore, they are the least protected parts of your body. In such a scenario, your arms and legs can end up being bruised, cut, fractured or even severed in extreme circumstances.

Upper Body and Spinal Trauma

Your collar bone is fragile and is very vulnerable in the event of a car crash. The seatbelt can even play a big role in damaging your collarbone in an accident.

Your ribs can also break during a car accident. Rib breaking is especially dangerous since it protects the lungs which can collapse quickly if punctured during the accident.

Your spine is also at danger during a car crash due to whiplash and sheer blunt force.

What Happens to My Organs During a Car Accident?


If your heart is bruised during an accident, it can have devastating ramifications including death.


Bodily organs such as your stomach, small intestine, and other abdominal organs are forced forward during a car crash and forcefully hit your abdominal wall. They are then forced to absorb the force of the impact which can bruise, tear or rupture leading to blood loss or contamination.

Can You Sustain Emotional Damage from a Car Accident?

Physical injuries are not the only consequence of a car accident. You can also sustain strong emotional damage as a result of an accident. This is especially true if a loved one dies as a result of the accident.

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