Under the Texas Penal Code, you can be charged with intoxicated driving if your blood alcohol content is at or above 0.08. If you or your loved one was arrested for DWI in Texas, it is crucial that you take immediate action: you should hire an experienced defense lawyer as soon as possible. One of the biggest mistakes that defendants make is waiting too long to hire an attorney.

If convicted of a DWI, you could face harsh consequences, potentially including the loss of your driver’s license, stiff fines, and even time in prison. However, the consequences of a DWI in Texas do not start after a conviction.

In fact, you will begin facing consequences before you have even had your day in court. For this reason, it is imperative that you consult with a qualified DWI defense lawyer immediately after your arrest. Waiting too long to hire a lawyer could result in the administrative suspension of your driver’s license.

Texas Law: You Only Have 15 Days to Save Your Driver’s License

The state of Texas has implemented an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) Program that is technically unrelated to the criminal court system. Under this program, a driver who has been arrested for a DWI or who refused to take a blood test or a breath test will have their license automatically suspended. The DWI charge is sufficient for the state of Texas to suspend your license.

To prevent this from happening, you need to take proactive measures. To be clear, if you fail to take action, your license can be suspended based solely on your arrest. You do not have to be convicted to lose access to your driver’s license.

The good news is that most drivers can take action to save their driving privileges. This is because most Texas drivers are eligible to request an official hearing in relation to the administrative license revocation (ALR). To request this hearing, you must submit the proper documentation within 15 days of your arrest. If you fail to do so, you will lose out on the right to request an administrative hearing. Your request will simply be denied.

DWI Charges: The Criminal Justice Process Can Move Quickly

Under Texas law, your administrative hearing will generally be conducted within 120 days of the date at which you filed your request for the hearing. At the same time that this is happening, you will also need to deal with the criminal side of your case. While Texas courts are not exactly known for their speed, the criminal justice process can move rather quickly in drunk driving cases.

There is absolutely no time for you to wait before taking action. Indeed, you should start building your defense in the hours and days immediately after your arrest. You can sure that law enforcement officers and prosecutors will begin putting together a case against you without any delay. The best thing you can do to protect your legal rights is to hire a top-rated Texas DWI defense attorney as soon as possible.